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Dr. Charles Runels patented the facial aesthetic procedures called Vampire, e.g.; the Vampire Facelift and Vampire Facial. I have traveled to his office in Fairhope, AL to receive comprehensive training in these procedures. I have been certified in these procedures since 2017. 

PRP Facelift

This procedure focuses on the shape of the face versus the facial that focus on the skin surface. This helps drooping checks, deeper lines, those “parenthesis” around the mouth, and the depression that forms on the lower chin on each side of the mouth as we age. This procedure utilizes your plasma and a small amount of hyaluronic acid (which is also naturally found in the body) eliminating risks from harmful reactions. The PRP is injected into the areas of the face targeted for the desired change in shape.


The difference between a PRP facelift and a surgical facelift is the recovery and the risks involved. With the PRP facelift, people will notice you “look fresh, really well rested, or just looking good today” vs after surgery people will notice and say “Oh my gosh, what procedure have you had?” There is no recovery time for this procedure, you can go out to lunch following the procedure!

PRP Facial

The Platelet Rich Plasma Facial stimulates cell turnover and collagen growth on the skin. This completely natural procedure utilizes your own plasma to stimulate healing in the skin. This procedure is fantastic because it can be used to correct problems on the surface of the skin or be used just to freshen up your appearance. There are 32 natural growth factors located in PRP that stimulate healing.


This procedure is typically performed in a series of 3 treatments, every 5-6 weeks, for optimal outcomes. For this procedure, a microneedle is used to create tiny punctures in the skin, so small that you can’t see them. Each tiny puncture places stress on the skin. Platelet Rich Plasma is applied as the microneedle is used to stimulate healing and changes in the skin.


Tightens slack skin

Reduces the appearance of fine lines

Sheds top layer of skin

Reduces or eliminates scarring from acne, chickenpox and even trauma


Botox is widely recognized as the premier treatment to smooth fine lines and making the face appear fresh. Botox will relax the muscles in a particular area to decrease the appearance of the lines and stop lines from getting worse. Botox will last approximately 3 months and will need subsequent treatments in order to maintain the desired effects. A key benefit of Botox is that you can relax the muscle as little or as much as you like, creating a very custom outcome.

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