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Selecting an effective weight loss plan can be complicated and should be carefully considered to ensure optimal health while meeting these long term goals.

Yo-yo dieting is hard on the body and unhealthy. Take this opportunity to meet your goals and improve your health.

Hormonal Optimization

Optimizing your hormone levels, when it is appropriate, is key to ensuring that your body is prepared for weight loss and is capable of maintaining this weight loss once achieved. Each of your hormones play a role in the deposition of fat and where and how it is used in your body. Your Cedar Key healthcare provider is certified in bioidentical hormone therapy utilizing the most current evidence-based research.

Thyroid Optimization

It is now well known that the reference ranges previously utilized for thyroid management resulted in years of suffering and adverse health implications for a large segment of our population. This is clearly evident by the number of people suffering with obesity. It is estimated that 66% of the US population is overweight or obese. This results in billions of dollars in medical costs and huge amounts of personal suffering. Optimization of this hormone is very important not only for metabolism but also brain and mental health. At Cedar Key Healthcare we can perform a comprehensive review of your thyroid function.

Diet Management

Reducing or eliminating carbohydrates from the diet has extraordinary benefits for both physical and mental health. Recent studies have found that plant based diets reduce cardiac risks and reduces your chance of Alzheimer’s by 60%. The key to the best diet plan for you is moderation and the ability to sustain a reasonable
diet. We do not recommend juice diets, one food only diets, or the well-known “Ice cube diet”. Creating you best nutritional diet should not be based on extreme calorie restriction. A well balanced diet is a part of your weight loss plan but must be combined with other interventions for ultimate long term success.


Moderate amounts of exercise has proven beneficial in cardiac risk reduction. Does this mean you need to train for a marathon, absolutely not! However this does mean that taking a brisk walk 3-4 times per week can significantly improve your long term health. Finding the right sustained cardiovascular exercise for you is
important. It also may be, depending on the amount of weight loss needed, that this part of the weight loss plan is initiated after the initial weight loss begins. Keeping your body healthy is very important and injury can side line your weight loss goals. Please discuss increasing activity with your provider to develop the best plan at the
best time.


Supplements and medications can be important in meeting weight loss goals. As discussed, correcting decreased insulin sensitivity, or in many cases, insulin resistance has been found the best and healthiest form of weight loss. Instead of starving your body or placing huge amounts of physical stress on it, correcting the physiological dysfunction will result in lasting weight loss. Innovation and research has led us to several items that can help us achieve improved insulin sensitivity and utilization.



Also known as Ozempic, has enabled diabetics across the world to manage and at times reverse their diabetes. By improving insulin sensitivity, weight loss has occurred without other intervention or management. By utilizing semaglutide with other interventions, weight loss results have been phenomenal. These once weekly injections are tolerated well and have few contraindications or adverse effects. These have been beneficial to the patient that needs to lose 150 pounds as well as the patient that has struggled to lose 15 pounds. This medication is titrated over a 12 week period to achieve optimal cellular response.



Has improved reduced insulin sensitivity and can be part of your weight loss plan or your weight loss management plan. This is an oral medication that has assisted many people meet their health goals and improve healthy longevity. The downside to metformin is that it can be tough on the stomach and often needs to be titrated slowly. However, it is very affordable and readily available.



Is a natural supplement and is a great adjunct to healthy living and weight loss planning. As noted, treating insulin resistance is the key to weight loss planning. This supplement is available and used widely in functional medicine.



These capsules are lipotropic agents, which means they play an important role in the control of fat deposition. MILC capsules help keep cholesterol more soluble, preventing the accumulation of fats in the liver and other organs. These agents metabolize fat and cholesterol and aid in the transportation and removal of fat from the body. They have also been found to increase energy and a sense of well-being.

MICC Injections

Just as the MILC liquefy fats and prevent their accumulation in the liver, these injection function much the same way. The major difference is that by injecting the agents, you avoid breakdown in the stomach and eliminate of some of them in the stool. This means that your body is able to utilize 100% of the agents injected versus the estimated 30-40% of the orally digested agents.

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